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Individual Therapy for Adults

Life can be tough and counseling can help you navigate the complicated emotions and thoughts that may come your way. I provide counseling for those seeking help dealing with life changes and stressors, anxiety, caregiver issues, and grief/loss. 

Each client is unique and therefore I use a variety of therapy styles to match the needs of each client. My techniques are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, emotional regulation, and self awareness. Clients can expect a realistic, straightforward, and compassionate counselor. 

To read more about my specialties click below:

Caregiver Support

Grief and Loss

Life Changes and Anxiety

Online, Video Based Therapy

All of my counseling sessions are provided via a secure, video based platform. This has many names including teletherapy, telehealth, and virtual counseling. While there are many benefits to in-person therapy I feel that teletherapy offers greater accessibility and ease of use. 

I am able to provide counseling to anyone in Florida, including, but not limited to:



Tampa/ St. Pete

Ft Lauderdale


Sarasota/ Bradenton


To learn more about cost and insurance click HERE.

To learn more about what to expect click HERE.

To make an appointment call 941-313-7275

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