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 My Therapy Approaches


How effective therapy is relies heavily on the fit and connection between the therapist and the client. Therapy is more than just a collection of coping tools, and a healthy therapeutic relationship is a key element to your success and satisfaction with therapy. 

Personally, I can best be described as warm, calm, and easy to talk to. I take a proactive and practical approach to therapy, meaning, I'm not going to just sit and listen to you talk the whole session. While there are absolutely times for compassionate listening and reflection, I also actively work with my clients to reach their goals.

I love to use humor and (sometimes cheesy) metaphors. I celebrate my clients' successes with them and work to create a shame-reducing therapy environment. Incorporating my clients' interests and hobbies into our work is important, as is understanding their values and what is most meaningful to them in life. 

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My Style

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