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What they are and why we need them

Boundaries are limits that we set for ourselves in our relationships, actions, and behaviors. They are the physical, emotional, and mental boundaries that help us maintain our well-being, protect our values and beliefs, and communicate our needs to others. Boundaries can take many forms, from saying "no" to a request that we cannot accommodate, to setting limits on our time, to speaking up when someone has violated our personal space or boundaries. They are an essential aspect of healthy relationships and self-care, helping us to establish mutual respect, build trust, and maintain a sense of safety and security. It's important to note that boundaries are not the same as walls or barriers. Boundaries are flexible, adaptable, and respectful of others, while walls are rigid, closed off, and often prevent healthy communication and connection. By setting healthy boundaries, we can create the space we need to grow, thrive, and connect with others in meaningful ways.

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